San Diego Zoo Introduces Large Litter Of Cheetah Cubs

Cheetah Cubs
San Diego Zoo shared photos and video of a litter of six cheetah cubs that born on the zoo's offsite facility in November. The cubs will stay with their mother for a year before being sent to other facilities for breeding. Screen capture San Diego Zoo Safari Park/YouTube

SAN DIEGO, Feb. 16 (UPI) — The San Diego Zoo introduced a litter of six cheetah cubs that were born in the zoo’s off-site Cheetah Breeding Center in November.

The zoo shared photos and video of the cheetah cubs spending time with their mother and getting acquainted with their toys and environment.

“This is the first litter we have tried to socialize,” senior zookeeper Jillian King said. “It’s challenging with six – they play off each other and are very active.”

The above average size litter is the second birthed by Addison, their eight-and-a-half-year-old mother, who King said has been taking well to motherhood.

“She seems to be quite comfortable with us interacting with the cubs,” she said. “She’s a very calm cheetah by nature, and since this isn’t her first litter, we had a relationship established with her. But we always watch her reaction and base what we do on Addison’s comfort level.”

The cubs will remain at San Diego Zoo with their mother for at least a year before some may be sent off to other sites to breed with other cheetahs.


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