Slain Provo officer awarded Orem Police Department Medal of Valor

Photos: Gephardt Daily; Provo Police Department/Facebook

OREM, Utah, Jan. 11, 2019 (Gephardt Daily) — Officer Joseph Shinners, the Provo police patrolman who lost his life last weekend trying to arrest a wanted felon in an Orem parking lot, has been awarded one of the city’s highest honors — the Orem Police Department Medal of Valor.

Shinners, 29, a three-year veteran of the Provo Police Department was shot and killed Saturday night, Jan. 5, 2019, while attempting to apprehend Matt Frank Hoover, 40, a homeless fugitive with a violent history who had allegedly been threatening police officers.

A week after Shinner’s death, Orem Chief of Police Gary Giles announced on social media the fallen officer had been posthumously awarded the department’s most distinguished honor.

“On the Night of January 5, 2019, Officer Joseph Shinners bravely protected the citizens of Orem, Provo, and the entire state of Utah while attempting to apprehend a violent, wanted criminal in the City of Orem,” Giles wrote. “Working in conjunction with Orem police, Officer Shinners bravely and selflessly jumped into action. Unfortunately, he was fatally wounded in the process.

“Even though he was mortally wounded, he was able to return fire and injure the suspect which allowed officers to take him into custody and prevented him from harming anyone else. For his brave and gallant actions that night, I am posthumously awarding him the Orem Police Department Medal of Valor.

Photo: Orem Police Department/Facebook

“The Orem Medal of Valor is the most distinguished award presented to a sworn officer. It is awarded for performing courageous acts above-and-beyond the call of duty and involving risk or imminent danger to their lives and performed for the purpose of saving or protecting human life. This award denotes that Officer Shinners’ actions were so outstanding that it clearly distinguishes his courage as extraordinary.

“Master Officer Joseph Shinners is the first recipient of the Orem Police Department Medal of Valor. His name will forever be displayed and honored on a plaque in the halls of the Orem Police Department.”

Shinners’ funeral services will be held Saturday, Jan. 12, at 11 a.m. in the Utah Valley University UCCU Event Center at 800 W. University Parkway, Orem.


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