Street artist Banksy’s latest piece chips away at ‘Brexit’

A close-up view of the Brexit-inspired mural by Banksy, showing a worker chipping away at a star on an EU flag, that has been painted on the side of a building in Dover, Great Britain, on Monday. Photo by Gerry Penny/EPA

May 8 (UPI) — Britain’s controversial exit from the European Union was the subject of the latest artwork by street painter Banksy.

The anonymous Britain-based artist completed a new work on the side of a building in Dover, which caught the attention of news media over the weekend.

The mural depicts a large EU flag — blue with 12 yellow stars — and a handyman in suspenders chipping away at one of the stars with a hammer.

The artwork reflects the increased political tensions in both Britain and Europe over London’s pending departure from the 28-nation union. Britain began exit talks with other European nations last month.

Dover is a seaside town in Britain with a port that serves as a main ferry channel to and from Calais, France.

Banksy, who began creating street art in the early 1990s, is also behind other politically motivated works — such as creating a Palestinian guesthouse in Jerusalem and a London mural depicting poor treatment of refugees and migrants in Calais, which is located just 25 miles southeast of Dover across the English Channel.

Last year, scientists using geospatial analysis said they determined the identity of the artist known as Banksy.



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