Tennessee man indicted for murder in Nashville church shooting

Emanuel Samson, 26, was charged with 43 counts, including one count of murder, for allegedly carrying out a mass shooting at a church in September. Photo via Facebook

March 20 (UPI) — A Tennessee man was indicted Monday on several charges for a mass shooting at church outside Nashville in September that killed one person and injured several others.

Emanuel K. Samson, 26, faces 43 criminal charges, including murder, attempted murder, civil rights intimidation, reckless endangerment and 24 counts of aggravated assault for allegedly opening fire during Sunday services at Burnette Chapel Church of Christ on Sept. 24, according to police records.

Police say Samson gunned down and murdered Melanie Crow as she was walking to her car in the church parking lot. He then allegedly went into the church and shot six other people.

“It was just major chaos. I didn’t see the shooter until he came through the door,” Danny Carter, a congregant at the church, told CNN in September. “I basically hollered for people to get down and at that point the shooter was basically the only one up moving until Mr. Engle saw him and confronted him.”

Robert Engle, a 22-year-old church usher, was credited with stopping Samson during the rampage. Police said Engle confronted Samson and the two got into a struggle. Samson pistol-shipped Engle but shot himself in the chest. Engle then went to his car, got his weapon, and held Samson at gunpoint until police arrived.

Samson will be arraigned on March 28.


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