Tesla Model S can become a video game controller when it’s parked

Tesla will launch a new downloadable video game, Beach Buggy Racing 2, Tuesday that will use the actual steering wheel and brake pedal when the vehicle is in park. Photo from Tesla/Tesa.com

June 23 (UPI) — The Tesla Model S steering wheel and brake pedal aren’t just for real-world driving — when the electric vehicle is parked they can become a video game controller.

The game debuts Tuesday.

The new Tesla Arcade mode includes the popular mobile racing game Beach Buggy Racing 2. Once the game is downloaded onto the Model S, drivers can play along like they are steering and braking from the driver’s seat. In the game, players are driving a car that looks like a Model S, of course.

In a review, CNET calls the feature a good way to kill time while supercharging on the road.

“But as I sat there turning the wheel back and forth, tires creaking and complaining out on the asphalt, I couldn’t help but wonder whether an extended gaming session during an extended Supercharging session might just create some flat-spots,” CNET asks.

It could also put uneven wear on the tires and steering components, the reviewer said.

Tesla responded with a statement saying: “The game has been tuned to give you full control of your dune buggy with minimal steering wheel movement. You can also use touchscreen controls which does not move the wheels, and USB controller support is coming soon.”

It could also be a fun way for children to have safe fun behind the wheel of a Tesla.

The Beach Buggy Racing 2 game is similar to Mario Kart.


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