Trump announces new Cuba policy to cut U.S. business, tourism

Hermes Vasquez, a supporter of President Donald Trump, holds a fan as he waits for Trump to announce a shift in policy toward Cuba on Friday. Photo by Gary I Rothstein/UPI

June 16 (UPI) — As expected, President Donald Trump on Friday announced a shift in foreign policy toward Cuba, placing restrictions on U.S. business and tourism on the island nation.

During an appearance in Miami, the president said his policy intends to take money out of the hands of the Cuban military.

The primary concern in the president’s policy, he said, is ending oppression of the Cuban people and rampant crime.

“To the Castro regime, I repeat: The harboring of criminals and fugitives will end,” Trump said. “You have no choice.

“Any changes to the relationship between the United States and Cuba will depend on real progress toward these and the other goals.”

Trump has long been expected to take a different stance on Cuba policy than the one developed by former President Barack Obama, who took a series of steps in his administration to warm relations with the communist country.

“The policy reaffirms the United States statutory embargo of Cuba and opposes calls in the United Nations and other international forums for its termination,” the White House said. “The policy also mandates regular reporting on Cuba’s progress — if any — toward greater political and economic freedom.”

Trump’s directive Friday requests that the Treasury and Commerce departments begin issuing new regulations within 30 days.


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