Trump restricts entry for migrants without means to get health insurance

The proclamation is scheduled to take effect November 3. File Photo by Ariana Drehsler/UPI

Oct. 5 (UPI) — President Donald Trump on Friday issued a proclamation restricting the entry of migrants deemed to be a financial “burden” on the U.S. healthcare system.

The White House said it will consider migrants to be a burden if they aren’t covered by approved health insurance within 30 days of entering the United States or don’t have the financial resources to cover “reasonably foreseeable medical costs.”

The Trump administration said uncompensated healthcare costs at U.S. hospitals exceeded $35 billion each of the past 10 years.

“While our healthcare system grapples with the challenges caused by uncompensated care, the United States Government is making the problem worse by admitting thousands of aliens who have not demonstrated any ability to pay for their healthcare costs,” the proclamation reads.

“Notably, data show that lawful immigrants are about three times more likely than United States citizens to lack health insurance. Immigrants who enter this country should not further saddle our healthcare system, and subsequently American taxpayers, with higher costs.”

The proclamation goes into effect Nov. 3 and doesn’t affect people who already have a valid immigrant visa or who enter the United States as lawful permanent residents.


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