Two men killed in California paragliding crash

File photo: Pixabay/Diego Parra

March 10 (UPI) — Two people were killed while paragliding in California on Saturday, authorities confirmed.

The crash occurred at about 2 p.m. near the park’s glider port above Torrey Pines near the northern coast of San Diego.

The two men, both experienced paragliders, collided in mid-air, tangling their parachutes and falling 75 feet to the cliffside below.

One man was believed to be 61 years old and the other man was 43, San Diego Lifeguard Lt. Rich Stropky told The Los Angeles Times.

He added that one of the men was certified to fly on his own and the other was working toward his certification.

Stropky said several witnesses called 911 and when police arrived they “had no reason to believe the injuries were fatal.”

A San Diego Fire-Rescue Department helicopter lowered medics onto the face of the cliff and at about 4 p.m. police confirmed that both men had died.

The spot where the men were flying is not meant for beginners and is rated for intermediate pilots who have 50 hours of experience.


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