U.S. Air Force investigating deaths of 2 airmen at Germany base

The airmen were part of the 52nd Aircraft Maintenance Squadron at the west German base. File Photo by Boris Roessler/EPA

Jan. 13 (UPI) — The U.S. Air Force said Monday it’s investigating the circumstances of two airmen who turned up dead in their dorm room at the Spangdahlem base in Germany.

The men were identified as Airmen First Class Xavier Leaphart and Aziess Whitehurst. Both were assigned to the 52nd Aircraft Maintenance Squadron, under the 52nd Fighter Wing, based at Spangdahlem.

Officials said both men, who were 20 years old, were found in their room Thursday.

“It is always very difficult to lose valued members of our team,” USAF Col. David Epperson said, terming the men’s deaths a “tragedy.”

The causes of the airmen’s deaths were not immediately reported.

Spangdahlem Air Force Base is located about 80 miles west of Frankfurt and 50 miles south of Cologne in western Germany, near its border with Belgium and Luxembourg.


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