U.S. Cities, Airports Increase Security Measures After Brussels Attacks

Airports Increase Security
Security measures have been increased in several U.S. airports and cities, including New York City -- where an increased police presence will be seen in subways and other sensitive areas. Photo by Dennis Van Tine/UPI

WASHINGTON, March 22 (UPI) — Several cities and airports in the United States have increased security measures following Tuesday’s attacks in Brussels that killed at least 31 people.

New York Police Department spokesman J. Peter Donald said security will be increased near New York subways and other sensitive areas in the city, but added that “at this time, there is no known indication that the attack has any nexus to New York City.”

“The department has deployed additional counter-terrorism resources across the city including: the Counter-terrorism Response Command, the Strategic Response Group and Hercules Teams,” Donald told CNN. “These teams have been deployed to crowded areas and transit locations around the city out of an abundance of caution to provide police presence and public reassurance as we closely follow the developing situation overseas.”

The Department of Homeland Security said it will “not hesitate to adjust our security posture, as appropriate, to protect the American people” following the attacks in Brussels.

“DHS is closely monitoring the unfolding events in Brussels and we remain in contact with our counterparts in the region,” the agency said in a statement.

The Port Authority Police Department will also increase security at the LaGuardia Airport and the John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York, as well as New Jersey’s Newark Liberty International Airport.

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority and the U.S. Capitol Police in Washington, D.C., will increase K-9 searches and police patrols, while a plan to showcase a police force at the Reagan National Airport and Dulles International Airport is expected, which will include SWAT teams, bomb sniffing dogs and overall increased police presence.

Atlanta’s Hartsield-Jackson International Airport, the Los Angeles International Airport and the Miami International Airport have also heightened their police presence.


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