U.S., Polish armored forces conduct tank maneuver drills

U.S. and Polish tank operators practiced tactical maneuvers in preparation for an upcoming NATO training event. U.S. Army photo by Sgt. Justin Geiger

March 21 (UPI) — Polish and U.S. tank operators recently began a series of tactical maneuvering exercises in preparation for an upcoming NATO training event.

The exercise, conducted in Poland, involved two Polish platoons and a single U.S. tank platoon. Commanders on the field say the event aims to improve participants’ ability to shoot, move and communicate with one another on the battlefield.

“Building on our tactical techniques sustains combat readiness as a result of having a mutual understanding about maneuver formation procedures,” Staff Sgt. Ian Brown explained in a press release. “If something actually happened, we would be able to come together and develop a maneuver plan faster.”

The tactical drills were done in preparation for Operation Atlantic Resolve, a NATO operation that seeks to boost interoperability among the allied armed forces.

According to U.S. Army Europe, Atlantic Resolve is conducted as a show of force and commitment to regional stability. The program began in April 2014 as a reaction to Russian intervention in Ukraine.


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