Unwanted Kiss During Middle School Dare Yields Assault Charges

Photo Courtesy: UPI

PIKESVILLE, Md., Sept. 12 (UPI) — A 13-year-old boy in Maryland will face assault charges for kissing a 14-year-old girl without her permission on Friday.

School officials say the kiss was part of a dare made by students. Baltimore County Police say the boy will face second-degree assault charges as a juvenile. They add that no one was injured and that suspension or expulsion actions will be handled by the school.

Locals interviewed by FOX Baltimore said that they weren’t sure if the act merited an assault charge.

One woman said, “I don’t know if an unwanted kiss is a second-degree assault of a person.”

Another man said the school should handle the situation first without getting police involved. “And then, if the parents want to press charges,” he said, “then there’s nothing else that can be done.”


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