Venezuela President survives assassination attempt

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro (c) participates in a televised event in Caracas, Venezuela, on Saturday. His speech was cut short after drones detonated near where he was speaking, not harming the president but injuring seven soldiers. Photo by Miguel Gutierrez/EPA-EFE

Aug. 5 (UPI) — Drones detonated near where Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro was giving a live televised speech Saturday, not harming the president but injuring seven soldiers.

Maduro was speaking at an outdoor military event in Caracas, Venezuela’s capital, to mark the 81st anniversary of the Venezuelan army.

The explosions occurred near a stand where the president was speaking, officials said.

The injured soldiers were participating in a military-style parade honoring the National Guard, said Jorge Rodriguez, the information minister.

“All of the work we have done immediately after has allowed us to establish with evidence that it was an assassination attempt,” Rodriguez said in a news conference. “Whoever carried out this attack, failed.”

Maduro, who won a second six-year term in May, was sworn into office April 2013 after Hugo Chavez died of cancer.

The president was expected to address the nation on the event after meeting with his ministers and military commanders.


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