Video Of Chicago Officer Stomping Suspect’s Head Sparks Investigation

Chicago, police investigation head stomp video
Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson at a vigil for victims of the shooting in Orlando on June 13, 2016. Johnson personally watched the 1-minute, 28-second video of an incident appearing to show a Chicago police officer stomping on the head of a man on the city's west side, the police department said. Photo by the Chicago Police Department/Facebook

CHICAGO, June 14 (UPI) — The Chicago police department’s superintendent has ordered an investigation after a video of an officer kicking a suspect in the head was posted on Facebook.

Eddie Johnson said he has seen the video of the incident, which took place on the west side of Chicago near Interstate 290, called the Dwight D. EisenhowerExpressway.

“The Chicago Police Department holds its members to the highest possible professional standards with a priority on treating all Chicagoans with respect,” the police said in a statement.

“Upon viewing the video, Superintendent Johnson immediately asked the Independent Police Review Authority to investigate the matter while the department gathers more information about the case.”

The video was posted soon after the incident Monday afternoon.

It shows two officers arresting the suspect, identified as Shaquille O’Neal, 24, by the family. One plainclothes officer is seen on top of a man in a black shirt and blue jeans in the street.

A second plainclothes officer arrives and seeks backup. This officer is seen kicking the man in the head.

The unconscious main isn’t assisted until paramedics arrive several minutes later. His condition wasn’t disclosed.

Several people were witness to the incident.

“He just kicked him unconscious!” one shouts, as the uniformed officer tells them to get back.

A police source told the Chicago Tribune the two officers most prominent in the video were taken to a hospital, one with a bite injury to a finger and choking injuries, and the other with a bite to the arm.

The police officer who appeared to stomp or kick the man’s head has been “relieved of his police powers” while the incident is investigated, the Chicago Tribune reported on Tuesday.


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