Weapons Enthusiast Turns Disc Into ‘Frisbee Of Death’

BERLIN, Aug. 18 (UPI) — A German YouTuber turned a flying disc into a “lethal weapon” by modifying it into a “scalpel blade Frisbee.”

Joerg Sprave, star of YouTube’s The Slingshot Channel, turned his attention to “Frisbees” for his latest video, asking: “Can we make a lethal weapon out of them?”

Sprave’s first attempt involved adding sharp wood screws to a disc. He threw his creation at a board and the disc stuck, pulling the board with it to the ground.

“That would have hurt,” Sprave said through laughter.

Sprave tried the experiment again with larger screws, finding the same result.

The YouTuber next gave a disc a plywood rim to allow for the attachment of four scalpel blades.

Sprave tested his “wheel of death” out on a bush and a cardboard box.

The weapons enthusiast, whose previous videos include a lawn dart launching slingshot, said he is considering building a launcher for the “Frisbee of death.”


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