Web Cam Captures Bald Eagle Chicks Hatching In California

Bald Eagle Chicks Hatching
A mother bald eagle sits in her nest, as seen on a web camera in Island Channels National Park in California. The camera captured two chicks hatching recently. Photo courtesy National Parks Service

SANTA CRUZ, Calif., March 18 (UPI) — A webcam placed near a bald eagle next in Channel Islands National Park captured two chicks hatching and the live stream has gone viral.

The first chick hatched Saturday morning and the second hatched Monday in the park located on Santa Cruz Island in California. Web cam footage captured the mother eagle feeding her babies.

Bald eagles disappeared from the Channel Islands in the 1950s due to the use of DDT. Efforts to repopulate the islands with the birds has been increasingly successful and since 2006, most of the islands have seen bald eagles return to nesting there.

Park officials said the chicks are the first successful hatching for the eagle parents after three years of trying.

To view the nest’s live web cam, click here.


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