Wisconsin Police Warn Of Loose Herd Of 120 Buffalo

A herd of wild buffalo ran loose in Wisconsin after escaping from their enclosure local police reported. Juneau county sheriff's office stated that officials were attempting to capture the herd and urged residents to stay away from the animals. File Photo by A.J. Sisco/UPI

UNEAU COUNTY, Wis., April 15 (UPI) — Police in Wisconsin warned that more than 100 buffalo had been seen running loose after escaping from their enclosure.

Juneau county sheriff’s office shared a message to Facebook warning residents of the herd’s presence in the Union Center, Elroy and Wonewoc areas.

“There is a herd of approximately 120 Buffalo that have escaped their enclosure and are running free in this area,” they wrote. “Due to the nature of this animals herding and stampeding characteristics this obviously causes a safety concern for the public.”

Officers worked to contain the herd but cautioned pedestrians and drivers alike to keep away from the animals.

“Do not approach the buffalo or disturb them in any way,” they warned. “Stay clear of them with your vehicles if you encounter them on the roadway.”


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