Wisconsin Sheriff Asks Hunters To Watch Out For Meth Labs

Wisconsin Sheriff Asks Hunters To Watch Out For Meth Labs
A Wisconsin sheriff is warning hunters to be on the lookout for meth lab materials in the woods. Photo courtesy of the Lafayette County Sheriff's Office

DARLINGTON, Wis., Nov. 19 (UPI/Ben Hooper) ─ A Wisconsin sheriff said a pair of recent discoveries spurred a warning to hunters wandering into the woods: Keep an eye out for meth labs.

Lafayette County Sheriff Reg Gill wrote in a Facebook post two separate suspected methamphetamine labs have been discovered “a considerable distance from the road” in rural wooded areas in recent weeks.

Gill urged hunters to be on the lookout for similar setups when they venture into the woods this weekend.

The sheriff wrote:

“As hunters take to the woods this coming weekend, the Lafayette County Sheriff’s Office wants to make sure the public is aware that they should use caution should they come upon any of the following materials: plastic bottles containing a white or pink colored sludge, Coleman fuel cans, containers of Lye or Drano, batteries that appear to have been taken apart, or plastic containers with small hoses sticking out of the top.”

Gill warned hunters not to confront anyone spotted working on a suspected meth lab, as “subjects under the influence of Methamphetamine can be highly unpredictable, paranoid and volatile.”


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