World’s Most Expensive Haggis On Sale For $5,600

World's Most Expensive Haggis
Scottish company Macsween has created the world's most expensive haggis containing Wagyu beef, white truffle, tellicherry black pepper and edible 24-karat gold. Photo by bonchan/Shutterstock

EDINBURGH, Scotland, Jan. 21 (UPI) — Scottish butchers have compiled a number of extravagant ingredients to create the world’s most expensive haggis.

The recipe of the traditional Scottish dish crafted by Macsween butcher shop in Edinsburgh cointains Wagyu beef, from a farm where all the cows have names, French white truffle, tellicherry black pepper from India and a decorative sprinkle of edible 24-karat gold.

The one-of-a-kind dish is made to order by the shop for the price of $5,687.

“At Macsween we’re passionate about offering all of our customers only the best high-quality, delicious products made to the family recipe,” managing director James Macsween told STV News. “This latest creation demonstrates the dedication and craft that goes into every single one of our products. Good haggis making is an art and we wanted to highlight this.”

Although most people won’t likely be able to shell out the necessary cost for the luxury haggis, Macsween assured that the butcher shop also offers other quality products at more affordable prices.

“Our diverse range of quality, versatile, award-winning products offer something for everyone,” he said. “Haggis is a delicious dish which can be enjoyed by the family all year round.”


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