Father Accused Of Shooting Baby Son Surrenders To Police

The fugitive dad handed himself in to police, following the shooting of his baby son. Photo by Brian A Jackson/Shutterstock

ST. LOUIS, May 25 (UPI) — A father accused of shooting dead his infant son surrendered to police Wednesday morning.

Diata R. Crockett, 34, had been on the run since Tuesday afternoon when his 8-month-old boy was killed during a fight between Crockett and his wife. Crockett was described as “armed and dangerous” by officers searching for him.

“He’s devastated over the loss of his son,” Crockett’s attorney Scott Rosenblum said, insisting: “There’s much more to the story.”

Police believe that Crockett accidentally shot his son, Reign, after opening fire on the child’s mother, who had the child in her arms.

St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department Chief Sam Dotson said that Crockett had made suicidal and homicidal threats against himself and his family prior to the shooting. The couple was engaged in an argument that started at their home.

Crockett then forced his wife into a rented Hyundai Sonata at gunpoint, with their two older sons, Blaze, 3, and 2-year-old Ryker.

As Crockett stopped at a stop sign, his wife jumped out of the car, Dotson said. Crockett then fired at her, but shot the infant instead. The child later died at the hospital.

According to an 11-minute call to 911, the driver who picked up Crockett’s wife and infant to take them to the hospital, told the dispatcher Crockett was “trying to run us off the road.”

The couple had six children in all. Crockett is said to have a long criminal record including assault, burglary and drug possession.


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