First Two Women Set To Graduate From Army Ranger School

Army Ranger
Photo Courtesy: UPI

WASHINGTON, Aug. 17 (UPI) — Two of the first women to ever be admitted to the Army Ranger School are scheduled to graduate from the rigorous training program Friday, military sources said.

The two women, whose names were not reported, began the program in April with 17 other women, but were the only ones to make it to graduation, sources told One other woman is further behind in the training program, while the others failed to advance.

All Army Ranger candidates — both male and female — must complete a grueling, two-month program in which the soldiers are required to complete intense physical tests with little food and little sleep.

As graduates, the men and women will wear Army Ranger tabs on their uniforms signifying their leadership advancement. Unlike the men, though, the women still areunable to join the infantry or other combat jobs.

Those roles remain closed to women through the end of the year, when the Pentagon has ordered that all jobs be open to women.


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