Kayaker Encounters Massive Basking Shark Feeding By His Boat

kayaker shark
The kayaker stuck his camera under the water to get a good shot of the huge basking shark feeding next to his kayak. Basking sharks are the second largest kinds of sharks in the world, after whale sharks. Screenshot: Newsflare

PENZANCE, England, June 16 (UPI) — A kayaker off the coast of England captured up-close video of a massive basking shark seeking sustenance near his boat.

Robin Boyd posted a video to YouTube showing footage from his June 6 kayaking expedition off the coast of Penzance, England.

The video shows the fin of a large basking shark sticking out of the water before Boyd plunges the camera into the sea for an underwater view.

The basking shark gives the camera a view of its enormous mouth as it feeds mere feet away from Boyd’s kayak.


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