San Francisco 49ers’ Alex Boone Says Referees ‘Sucked’

SAN FRANCISCO, Dec. 1 (UPI) — The bad breakup between Jim Harbaugh and theSan Francisco 49ers isn’t the only thing that has the team dwindling to a 3-8 record this season.

Apparently NFL referees are also holding the 49ers back from success, according to guard Alex Boone.

“I’m not too worried about getting fined,” Boone told reporters after the 49ers’ 19-13 loss to the Arizona Cardinals. “I thought those refs sucked. You call running into a player when nobody even touched you.”

“I mean, if you don’t like what we say, then don’t like what we say. Don’t throw a flag for it. That’s what I’m sick about this league. This is supposed to be a man’s game. Be a man. That’s what pisses me off. It’s guys like that work in this league, work on this field, and we have to deal with it. Whatever. It was a terrible call. It was terrible calls all game. I don’t care what the league says, I don’t care what Roger says. It’s the truth. You don’t like it, get the hell out of there.”

The 49ers were flagged 13 times Sunday, including four times in seven plays. The team has lost four of its last five contests and two straight against division opponents.

The 49ers rank last in the NFL in points per game, yards per game and yards per attempt this season.


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