Alaska First-Graders Plotted To Kill Classmate

Two first-grade girls were suspended from their charter school in Alaska for plotting to poison a classmate. The plot to use silica gel packets -- designed for removing moisture from prepackaged food -- was found out before they could act. Photo by Oleksandr Berezko/Shutterstock

ANCHORAGE, Alaska, March 31 (UPI) — Three first-grade girls were suspended from their Alaska charter school for plotting to kill their classmate, the school’s principal said.

The girls planned to use silica gel packets, which are not poisonous, but commonly used to keep moisture out of pre-packaged food, to poison another student.

Two other students reported the plot to school staff, according to a letter to parents from Winterberry Charter School Principal Shanna Mall. No children were harmed.

The students and their parents were both spoken to by administrators and school district psychologists. No charges were filed, but the students were suspended.

“It is important for parents to talk with their children about speaking up when they learn of something that could potentially harm others,” Anchorage police said in a statement.

“We are thankful for the student that said something to a trusted authority when they learned of the potentially harmful situation to another student,”


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