BREAKING: Alabama Mom Denies Leaving Slain Toddler Alone With 8-Year-Old

Kelci Lewis
Kelci Lewis was beaten to death, allegedly by an 8-year-old, while her mother was at a nightclub.

BIRMINGHAM, Ala., Nov. 12 (UPI/Amy R. Connolly) ─ The mother of a toddler allegedly killed by an 8-year-old boy denied allegations she left the children home alone when she went to a nightclub.
Katerra Lewis, 26, said there was an adult to watch the six children in the home when she and a friend left for the club on Oct. 11.Police said an 8-year-old boy in the house became agitated when Lewis’ daughter, 17-month-old Kelci, wouldn’t stop crying. He allegedly beat her to death and put her in her crib, where Lewis found her dead the next morning.The boy, the son of a friend who was out at the club with Lewis, has been charged with murder. Lewis was charged with manslaughter.”I think she believes that’s the truth, that’s one reason she’s disputing the police record,” Lewis’ attorney Emory Anthony said. “There were approximately two adults there with her and we’ll find out whether or not the police knew or they checked on whether or not there was an adult there.”

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Authorities said Kelci died of blunt force trauma to the head and massive internal injuries. One of the other children in the home, a 6-year-old, told police the older boy had beaten the child.


Doug Ware contributed to this report.


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