Video Of Harrowing Crash Released By Montana Highway Patrol

MISSOULA, Montana, Jan. 10, 2016 (Gephardt Daily) — A new video showing the terrifying moments during a multi-vehicle accident has been released by the Montana Highway Patrol as warning for others of the dangers of driving during winter conditions.

The video features dash-cam footage of multiple crashes that occurred during a blizzard on Dec. 28, 2014 in Missoula.

According to the MHP, Trooper Wade Palmer and Trooper Timothy Templeton were assisting a mother and her two small children involved in an accident when a series of subsequent collisions occurred.

The mother was ejected from the vehicle and landed in the median. As one of the troopers tended to the mother, another one saw an out-of-control truck and trailer headed directly towards Trooper Palmer and the victim.

After a warning called out by the other Trooper, he was able to pull himself and the victim to safety just seconds before the truck ran into the median.

The release of the video is an effort to warn others when driving in winter weather to slow down, increase following distance, use patience and allow more time to get to a destination.

The mother and her two children survived and are recovering from their injuries.


  1. Incredible footage, but why in the world add the stupid, totally irrelevant music? This stuff is REAL and we should learn from it. It is not meant to be entertaining.

  2. If only people would actually do that. They drive very fast on ice. They think slowing down on the interstate means going from 75 to 65. Not safe drivers at all. Very few drive a truly prudent and save speed.


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