No Fine to Fight a Traffic Ticket in California

No Fine to Fight a Traffic Ticket in California

No Fine to Fight a Traffic Ticket in California
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LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA – June 8, 2015 (L.A. Times) –According to the L.A. Times, there have been several courts throughout California that require drivers to post bail by paying the cost of the ticket upfront before they receive the ability to have a trial.

A routine traffic ticket in California costs about $500 and that amount can escalate very quickly if a deadline is missed.


Court leaders in California have obtained a unanimous vote to stop courts from charging drivers bail before they can challenge a traffic ticket.

This emergency rule has been adopted by the Judicial Council and is taking effect immediately. The policy-making body of the courts, also known as The Judicial Council took action via a telephone conference, which could be head live on the court’s website, according to the L.A. Time.

The Chief Justice, Tani Cantil-Sakauye, names Monday’s law action an “historic” event. Three weeks ago she proposed the change and the gathering of comments and the vote was extremely fast, at least in court time.

In this new law courts allow anyone who has a traffic infraction to appear for a trial without having to deposit bail unless there is a specified exception.

Courts are required to inform anyone who receives a ticket of the option to appear in court whether that is via any website information, written instructions, courtesy notices and forms.

They are also supposed to provide advisory comments, which will clarify the meaning of specific provisions on the application and purpose of rules.


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