Nude gunman kills 3, wounds 4 in Waffle House shooting

Investigators on the scene of a mass shooting at a Waffle House restaurant in Nashville that killed 3 and wounded 4 others. Police say the gunman was semi-nude at the time of the attack. Photo: Nashville Police Department

April 22 (UPI) — Police in Nashville, Tenn., said a nude man opened fire on a Waffle House restaurant Sunday morning, killing three and injuring four before running from the scene.

The shooting began at about 3:25 a.m. Sunday at a Waffle House on the 3500 block of Murfreesboro Pike, southeast of downtown Nashville according to a message posted by police on Twitter early Sunday morning.

Police say the gunman fled after a restaurant patron managed to grab his gun.

Investigators say gunman pulled up to the Waffle House in a vehicle registered to Travis Reinking, 29, of Morton, Ill.

They’ve identified Reinking as a person of interest in the case and believe he was last seen near an apartment complex close to the Waffle House restaurant. At that time, he wasn’t wearing a shirt, only pants.


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