Wet, cold, sloppy storm moving across Utah, could pose tree branch problem similar to last heavy snow

Snow, from a dusting to a dollop, is predicted for all of Utah this weekend. File photo: Pixabay

UTAH, April 9, 2019 (Gephardt Daily) — If you’ve packed away your parka and winter scarves in exchange for flips flops and Bermuda shorts, you might just wanna take a minute and get your head straight.

This is early spring in the Rocky Mountains — a place where the snow’s been known to fly well beyond Memorial Day and where ski bums hang 10 on high mountain snowpacks as late as the Fourth of July.

Yeah, sure, it was 70 degrees and sunny just a few days ago, but that was merely a tease. Now that reality is creeping back into the equation, it’s time to put away your splash Hawaiian shirt and buy another bag of quick-melt. You’re probably gonna need it.

The slow moving storm that’s drawing down on Utah runs from Logan to St. George and has spawned a winter storm warning across the state.

The first precipitation hit the Salt Lake Valley Tuesday in the form of rain, and authorities say the addition of expected snow could bring down more branches, as it did during the late March storm.

Snow totals of a couple of feet are expected in the mountains along the Wasatch Front.

Bench areas can expect up to 9 inches of snow, with totals of 3-4 inches expected on the valley floors.

The current storm system is expected to linger throughout the week before tapering off. A second storm is expected heading into the weekend.

So, try to stay warm and dry, choose your parking spot carefully, and try to enjoy what may be winter’s last hurrah. Just don’t bet on it.

Weather forecast details for different regions of the state are below, with links to click for updates. Graphics are from the National Weather Service.

The image immediately below shows conditions as of Tuesday afternoon. For updated information and to use interactive features, click the National Weather Service link, here.

To see local forecasts, check below. Locations are are listed north to south.

● ● ●

Here’s the Logan/Cache County forecast. To check for updated information, click here.

● ● ●

Here’s the Salt Lake City area forecast. To check for updated information, click here.

● ● ●

Here’s the Central Utah forecast from Friday afternoon through Monday, based on weather predicted for Richfield. For updates, click here.

● ● ●

Here’s the forecast for the Moab/Grand Junction, Colo., area. For updates, click here.

● ● ●

And here’s the forecast for the St. George area. For updates, click here.


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