Semi driver: ‘I thought I was dead’ during rollover, extrication in Salt Lake City

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah, Feb. 16, 2018 (Gephardt Daily) — A semi driver is shaken, but thrilled to be alive after a Friday rollover on northbound Interstate 15, just north of downtown Salt Lake City.

“I was trapped in there,” a cut and bleeding Jack Rigby told Gephardt Daily as he stood near his overturned semi. “They had to cut the seats out and the steering wheel.”

“My ribs, I think, are all messed up. But I got out of there, so I’m happy.”

Rigby, who lives in Utah and said the semi was empty when it flipped, said his truck rolled because a woman in a truck entered his lane.

“I was in the slow lane and this truck just came on over,” he said. “She slid in front of me. I don’t know what happened after that.”

Rigby said he’s not concerned about losing his job, because a camera caught the action. And in general,┬áhe has no major complaints about Utah drivers.

“Usually it’s not bad,” Rigby said. “I’ve seen people do that before, all of a sudden come across the lanes.”

Riby described the wild ride as “scary as hell. I thought I was dead.”

And he would have lost a lot.

“I’ve got four kids, two grandkids and a wife. I thank God.”

Northbound traffic may be delayed during the investigation. A previous UDOT announcement warned of a two-hour delay, but as of about 4 p.m., the delay was listed as 15 minutes.



  1. Mr. Rigby is indeed fortunate to be alive and the other vehicles intrusion was camera captured; as many Hundreds of Men, Women & Children, as Tractor occupants are Killed annually when the many Thousands of these Tractor Trailers Rollover EACH YEAR in the U.S. alone, that are not always the Drivers fault. The HOW and WHY Commercial Heavy Tractor Trailers Rollover is enlightened with my research submission to the Transportation Research Board, posted at (WWW.DEFORMABLEKINGPIN.COM). What should be a concern is WHY common sense is ignored by Federal Government Highway “SAFETY” organizations for over 40 years! Read my research and learn how PAY-LOAD profits does turn the blind eye to Human safety!


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