Treadmill, unsecured in truck, tumbles into I-15 traffic, damages 8 vehicles in Salt Lake City

File photo: Gephardt Daily

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah, March 13, 2018 (Gephardt Daily) — An unsecured treadmill that tumbled from the back of a pickup truck into southbound Interstate 15 traffic Monday night ended up causing a pileup affecting eight vehicles.

The call came in at 8:44 p.m., Lt. Todd Royce, Utah Highway Patrol, told Gephardt Daily. Crews responded to I-15 at 1700 South.

“A lady driving a pickup on the collector ramp hit a wall,” Royce said. “We are still looking into why.”

In the back of her pickup, she was carrying the treadmill, which was not tied down. The treadmill flew over the barrier into interstate traffic, and damaged vehicles that hit it or ran over parts of it.

“Damage ranged from needing a tow truck to flat tires and bent rims,” Royce said. “There were no serious injuries.”

The pickup driver and her child, who were not wearing seat belts, were transported to University Hospital and to Primary Children’s Hospital to be checked out, Royce said. Neither one was seriously injured, he said.

The roadway was closed or partially closed for more than an hour for the investigation and cleanup.

“There were pretty significant traffic delays,” Royce said.

The investigation is ongoing, he said.


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