Two Unexploded WWII Mines Discovered on French Beach

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Ferry services between the port of Calais in France and Britain, including those provided by MyFerryLink, were disrupted Sunday by the discovery of two unexploded World War II bombs on the beach in France. Photo MyFerryLink/Facebook

Two Unexploded WWII Mines Discovered on French Beach

CALAIS, France, June 7 (UPI) — Two unexploded World War II mines were discovered on the beach near France’s northern port of Calais, disrupting a number of ferry crossings with Britain.

The British bombs were found Saturday near the port. Divers with the French navy were dispatched to defuse the bombs, which couldn’t be moved due to the possibility of detonation, the BBC reported.

Ferries, which run regularly across the channel between southern Britain and France, were canceled and roads into Calais were shut down.

Ferry operator P&O Ferries posted an aerial photograph of the two mines to its Twitter account and said its service would be suspended Sunday.

Another operator, MyFerryLink, also canceled one service each way between Dover, Britain, and Calais, and said further delays or cancellations were possible.

U.K. Border Force and French Border Control booths at the port of Calais were expected to remain closed through Sunday afternoon, ITV reported.


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