Creating a Timeless Interior For Your Home On A Limited Budget

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June 2, 2016 (Gephardt Daily) – Just like the little black dress for women and the well pressed white shirt for men, there are designs and fixtures for your home that will never go out of style.

So, if your home still features some remnants of the past, it is possible to achieve a timeless luxury with a few inexpensive changes and possibly a couple of pricier ones if your budget allows.

Builders across the U.S. are stepping up their “design game” with artistic tiles, mirrors, quality door and cabinet hardware, a mixing of periods and styles, and subtle patterns on the walls.

Here are a few ways to achieve these classic looks without breaking the budget and before there’s an expiration date hanging in some parts of your house:

Artistic Tiled Floors – Do you have a small bathroom that’s lost its luster? Try using patterned tile on the floor. It will add a richness and feeling of luxury even if your walls and fixtures are plain. “Go for the bold, ” says Vicki Gladle Bolick, creator of The Ace of Space blog. Tiled floors have a similar effect in a room to an eye-catching rug. However, its best to choose tiles that have traditional patterns in a neutral palette for a longer term appeal. Check out a variety of styles and prices at

Mad About Mirrors Mirrors not only reflect light back into a room but also objects. In other words, Bolick says, “They can create a virtual still life.” In fact, mirrors can be a designer’s best friend, as long as you take into account what is reflecting back. You don’t want your mirrors to reflect the driveway, unattractive furniture, and awkward spaces in a home. Place mirrors with purpose, or find a good piece of artwork instead. has some suggestions for decorating with mirrors.

Hardware If you’re looking for something simple and affordable that will make a statement in your home, then do not scrimp on door and cabinet hardware. Purchasing quality hardware is worth the investment…big or small. You might want to think of the polished gold handle on the front door or the bedroom doors as pieces of jewelry that stand out even on an expensive outfit. Bolick of The Ace of Space believes,  “Having eye-catching hardware goes a long way in creating a luxury look in your home.” Restoration Hardware is a good place to shop for knobs and pulls in a variety of styles and prices.

Mixing Periods And Styles Is Permitted – This is The Ace of Space’s number one rule when “creating a timeless, storied interior.”  Bolick says, it’s not only acceptable but it’s essential to “marry classic with contemporary, rustic with chrome and 19th century with 21st century.” These traditional touches throughout a home provide a visual sense of history while mixing the modern with the antiques. The interior of a home should reflect a family’s history, including items passed down through the generations, along with new found treasures. It should simply not be big box store furniture and décor assembled and distributed room by room to match displays.

Perfect Patterns – It doesn’t take the most trained design eye to see why explosions of color throughout a home can give it an unsettled feeling.  It’s easier and more attractive to go for a timeless look by keeping loud colors and patterns to a minimum. But both do have their place in the interior of a sophisticated dwelling. The Ace of Space suggests “layering solid colors with subtle pops of pattern.” Bolick says it’s the “color relationships that are key in creating a timeless interior.”  In fact, she suggests pairing bold colors with softer grays or neutrals to mute a shocking effect. Picking out those patterns will take a trained eye or advice from an expert. You might want to turn to The Decorologist for some ideas on mixing paints and patterns to create that timeless look.

It is Parade of Homes time in many communities across the country this June through August so it might be the right time to check out what home builders are featuring as “timeless designs.”  Many are enlisting well-known design talent to promote new housing communities while “wowing” those thinking about buying.


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