Dr. Angela Dunn reacts to Utah’s record number of COVID-19 cases, 911 reported in single day

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah, Sept. 17, 2020 (Gephardt Daily Newsmaker) — Dr. Angela Dunn, Utah’s state epidemiologist, says the latest results for COVID-19 testing are troubling.

According to a report released Thursday by the Utah Department of Health, a record 911 Utahns tested positive for the coronavirus in the previous 24 hours, the highest single day total since the pandemic began.

Not only are case numbers spiking, but the infection rate of 11.3 % among those tested is also at an all time high.

In an interview on Gephardt Daily “Newsmaker” Dunn said testing and contract tracing is painting a detailed portrait of where the disease is spreading and who it is that’s spreading it. She said the results are worrying to Utah’s medical community and unless behaviors change among certain populations, especially college-aged adults in Utah County, a new wave of illnesses, followed new restrictions and shutdowns could soon be reimposed.

To hear Dunn’s take on the state’s troubling trends, click on the player above.

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