Free Airline Vouchers May Not Actually Be Free

    Have you received tickets or vouchers for a flight for you and a guest, anywhere in the world? Free airfare? That sounds pretty nice doesn’t it? But those airline vouchers that arrive in the mail, are they as good as they seem?

    Becky, a Utah resident and frequent traveler thought she scored a good deal. “If you weren’t paying attention you might think, cool, I just scored,” she tells KSL-TV. But Becky was about to learn that those cool tickets wouldn’t be taking her anywhere.

    “They’re deceptively using it to make you think it’s a real airline offering tickets not a voucher,” says Jane Driggs, a spokesperson for the Better Business Bureau.

    The vouchers continue to appear in mailboxes all around the country and many times the names on the vouchers look like real airlines. Once you call to use your tickets you find that you must first sit through a long presentation, usually one for a travel club.

    Even if you endure the sales pitch be weary. Most times you won’t walk out with the free tickets in hand. The crooks are pretty confident you will give up on the airfare because of many restrictions, deposits and other fees.


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