LIVE POLICE AUDIO: Dozens Of Shots Fired In New Round Of Ferguson Riots

Dozens Of Shots Fired In New Round Of Ferguson Riots
Ferguson, Missouri. Photo Courtesy: Wikiepedia

FERGUSON, MISSOURI¬†– August 9, 2015 (UPI & Gephardt Daily) –¬†Police in Ferguson, Missouri came under intense gunfire Sunday night, after a day of protests on the one year anniversary of the killing of unarmed black man, Michael Brown.

Brown, 18, was shot to death after a confrontation with white Ferguson police officer, Darren Wilson. Wilson was ultimately cleared of any wrong doing, but the teenager’s death spawned months of violent protests.

Sunday night hundreds of demonstrators once again squared off with police, marring what had been a relatively peaceful day.

Riot squads were deploying across the town when an estimated thirty gun shots were fired at police.

St. Louis County Police say one man was killed shortly thereafter in an officer involved shooting. Details surrounding the incident remain unclear.

The Department of Justice released a report in March accusing the Ferguson Police Department of numerous instances of racial discrimination, which was followed by the resignations of Ferguson Police Chief Tom Jackson, Judge Ronald Brockmeyer and City Manager John Shaw.

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