Longtime BYU Basketball coach Dave Rose announces retirement

BYU men's basketball coach Dave Rise (inset) has called a news conference. Photos: BYU sports website, Facebook

PROVO, Utah, March 26, 2019 (Gephardt Daily) — Brigham Young University men’s basketball coach Dave Rose faced an audience of sports writers, most of whom had guessed the Tuesday afternoon news conference was to announce the coach’s retirement.

“I promise you this,” Rose said. “I am the happiest guy in here.”

Rose’s face flushed with emotion, and his chin quivered as he paused to regain his composure.

“But this is going to be tough,” he confessed. “Thirty-six years, 22 at BYU. Today I am going to retire.”

Rose said he might be sad when basketball camp for the next season begins, but he would be on another team — with his wife, children and grandkids.

“I love BYU and and I love all these players. But most of all, I love my family.”

“My coaching soul said it was time,” Rose said of his retirement. Rose also referred to the old adage about what happens when you find a job you love:

“Sixty-one years old and I still haven’t worked a day in my life.”

Rose said he had talked to his players earlier, and had a season’s end banquet scheduled for Tuesday night.

“I don’t really know what I’m doing tomorrow, but l promise it’s better than what I’m doing today,” he said, drawing an affectionate laugh from those present.

“One of the things I’ll really miss — these coaches are my best friends,” he said, listing many coaches and other school officials by name.

“I want to thank the staff members, so many people who made this work,” he said.

“A large net has been thrown out to find the next guy,” Rose said, adding his own advice for the next hire.

“Accept help. There are people here who have no agenda accept they love BYU.”

Rose also suggested his replacement should adopt his daily ritual during coach meetings.

“Make fun of everything that happened the night before,” he said. “Laugh and enjoy the moment.”

Rose said one of his few regrets was not getting the team to the NCAA finals.

“We came close one year, but it didn’t happen for us,” he said. “I am hoping someday we can find a group that can actually push through, get that done for us.”

Rose said he will always love BYU, and he’s especially proud that 94 percent of his student athletes graduated.

“That is something to be really proud of.”


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