Pacifica Corrosion Problem

Auto-maker Chrysler has acknowledged some 7,000 models of the 2004-2005 Pacifica’s have experienced corrosion issues but the company will only offer repair assistance to some of the owners.

WMAQ reports on Susan, a Pacifica owner whose vehicle had so much corrosion under her engine, her mechanic didn’t want her driving the vehicle home.

“People here are driving time bombs, and they don’t even realize it,” Greg, a grand-master mechanic told the TV station.

Another driver, Kurt contacted WMAQ when he also discovered corrosion damage under his engine. Kurt and Susan are just two of the hundreds of Pacifica drivers questioning why Chrysler hasn’t offered a recall.

A good question for the auto-maker. Early on Chrysler did acknowledge the problem and even sent a warranty extension letter to the owners but later the company rescinded the letter, instead offering to cover only cars made during a six week period in 2004.

For Susan and Kurt that six week timeframe changed things drastically, their cars were made outside of that time period and if they wanted the problem fixed, they would need to pay out of pocket.

WMAQ contacted Chrysler about the problem. The auto-maker blamed the corrosion on the engine cradle coating thickness and said they were helping customers on a case by case basis.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration won’t be stepping in. They say they have not detected a pattern in safety detects.

Kurt and Susan eventually received some compensation after WMAQ started making phone calls.


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