Too Fat For Prison, Bradonia Bra Fence & When Animals Attack – The Todd & Erin Morning Stream, 10.20.17

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah, Oct. 20, 2017 (Gephardt Daily) — So, this thing, it’s ridiculously gigantic.

If SLC gets the second headquarters of the Biggest Thing In The World, we get another 54,000 jobs here.

Do you think anyone EVER really found a nail in their kid’s Halloween candy? Nope. We’ve got your Halloween Myths, debunked on the Morning Stream today.

I’m DYING to tell you about this amazing woman who lost her foot to cancer, then decided to carry the foot along with her on her many adventures. Her pictures are hysterical.

Ever heard of the 50,000 strong Bra Fence of New Zealand? It’s an amazing tale.

Plus! When Animals Attack! Aggressive llamas, infuriated turkeys and a really pissed off, chicken-eating alligator.

Also! There’s a thing called a “fog-bow,” why “too fat for prison” is now an actual legal defense, and People Who Are Going To Hell. It’s a busy day!


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