Adam Sandler’s ‘Phone Wallet Keys’ music video gets nearly 1M views

Nov. 3 (UPI) — Comedian Adam Sandler‘s rap video, “Phone Wallet Keys,” has gotten nearly 1 million views since it was posted on YouTube last week.

The 3-minute clip is from Sandler’s new Netflix special, 100% Fresh, which is now streaming.

In the NSFW music video, the “Saturday Night Live” alum wears sunglasses and a hoodie sweatshirt as he boasts about how all he needs when he leaves the house are his phone, wallet and keys.

However, as the song goes on, he realizes he actually requires his passport, laptop, vape pen and many other items to do what he needs to do. He finally decides it is easier to just stay home and stare at his phone.

“It used to be a breeze-y with my phone, wallet and my keys-y,” Sandler raps. “My pockets got so heavy, I’m cramping, I’m cramping. Each time I leave my house, it’s like I’m camping, I’m camping. I’m miserable just standing around. I’m like a walking lost and found. You know I’d rather stay at home where all I need’s my (expletive) phone.”


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