VIDEO: Alabama Men Jump Flaming SUV Into Lake For Fun

Alabama Men Jump Flaming Suv into Lake
A man leaps out of a flaming SUV as it falls toward a lake. aguyfromalabama (Jacob Hernig)/YouTube video screenshot

BIRMINGHAM, Ala., Sept. 10 (UPI) — A group of Alabama friends celebrated Labor Day weekend by lighting an SUV on fire and jumping it into a lake for a slow-motion video.

Jacob Hernig posted a video to YouTube showing the result of he and his friends pulling off the “most epic vehicle jump ever,” which involved one of the group driving a flaming sport-utility vehicle over a jump and into a small lake.

The driver of the flaming truck jumps out in mid-air and lands in the water near the vehicle.

Hernig said in a Reddit post the video was shot over Labor Day weekend on a friend’s farm. He said the SUV was pulled out of the water by a tractor.

“Football, beer, and flying flaming vehicles. Roll tide,” he wrote.


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