Elephant Herd Perplexed By GoPro Camera

WASHINGTON, Aug. 7 (UPI) — A group of curious elephants encountered a GoPro camera that recorded as they prodded it with their trunks and lifted it up for a closer look.

The video, posted to the official GoPro YouTube account, begins with an elephant discovering the camera in the grass and taking a startled step back before he and his herd mates decide to poke at the device.

The elephants cautiously prod at the camera with their trunks until one lifts it into the air to take an unintentional selfie — or “elphie,” as elephant-shot images have previously been labeled.

“Up close and personal just took on a whole new meaning with these big guys. It’s safe to assume these elephants will never forget their first encounter with a GoPro,” the video’s description reads.

The location of the video was unclear Friday.

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