Fisherman Hooks a Flying Drone in San Diego

Fisher Man Hooks Flying Drone in San Diego
A fisherman casts his line to hook the drone recording video over the pier in San Diego. Tice Ledbetter/YouTube video screenshot

SAN DIEGO, Aug. 7 ( Ben Hooper ) — A man flying his camera drone over a pier at a San Diego beach recorded the moment a skilled fisherman cast his line and hooked the device.

The video, uploaded to YouTube by Tice Ledbetter, begins with the drone flying near a pier on San Diego’s Pacific Beach Thursday when the aircraft catches the attention of a fisherman.

The fisherman watches the drone for a moment before casting his line, which becomes tangled in the drone’s propeller.

Ledbetter said in a Facebook post he was baffled as to how the fishing line became tangled in his propeller until he reviewed the video footage. He said the drone was still able to fly with the line attached and it traveled about a half mile before landing.

“What a jerk! Gotta admit though, that cast was spot on!” Ledbetter wrote in the video’s description.

He posted a second video showing the process of removing the fishing line from his propeller.

I flew half a mile with this

Posted by Tice Ledbetter on Thursday, August 6, 2015


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