Flood Waters Rush into Venezuelan Subway Station in Viral Video

Flood Water Rushed Into Venezuelan Subway
Flood waters rush into a Caracas, Venezuela, subway station. diana valbuena/YouTube video screenshot

CARACAS, Venezuela, Aug. 26 (UPI) — A resident of the Venezuelan capital captured video of water rushing into a city subway station amid heavy rains in the region.

Diana Valbuena posted a video to YouTube showing water rushing down the escalators and into a Caracas metro station Tuesday amid heavy rains in the city.

Commuters can be seen in the video sitting atop escalator rails to stay dry while the water flows.

Caracas Redditor frank_13 said the rain waters caused a sewage-bearing river to overflow, leading to water flowing into the subway station and other locations around the city.

The Reddit poster blamed “poor maintenance of the city” for failing to prevent the flooding.

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