Mom Faceplants During Michigan Beach Proposal Video

Mom Faceplants


Mom Faceplants During Michigan Beach Proposal Video



ST. JOSEPH, Mich., May 20 (UPI) — A proposal at a Michigan beach became the memory of a lifetime when the bride-to-be’s mother faceplanted on camera just before the question was popped.

The YouTube video, filmed at a beach in St. Joseph by Bridgett Clark, features the videographer repeatedly telling her mother, Eva Clark, to get out of the way of the camera while she attempts to film Bill Devaney’s marriage proposal to her sister, Breanne.

The mother wanders in and out of frame a couple of times to exasperated comments from Bridgett before tripping and landing face-first in the sand.

The family laughs at Eva Clark’s fall, giving Devaney the distraction he needs to drop to one knee.

Bridgett calls the family’s attention back to Devaney, leading the family members to laugh and enjoy the special moment together. Breanne accepts the proposal.

“That’s why we’re here!” a family member can be heard saying in the video.

Eva Clark set a screenshot from the video as her Facebook profile picture.

“NO injury, just embarrassment :)” she commented.


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