Saudi Woman Could Face Jail Time For Posting Video Of Husband Harassing Maid

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RIYADH, Saudi Arabia, Oct. 8 (UPI) — A Saudi woman could face jail time for defamation after posting a discreetly filmed video of her husband allegedly cheating on her.

In the video, a man dressed in white with a brightly-colored keffiyeh headdress appears to attempt intimacy with a female maid in a home kitchen. The woman, dressed in light-colored clothing, appears to pull away from the man several times.

The man’s wife may face defamation charges and up to a year in prison or a fine in excess of $100,000 for uploading the video, which was captioned “the minimal punishment for this husband is to scandalise [sic] him.”

Lawyer Majid Qaroob confirmed the possible charges and jail time as part of the Saudi Arabian law on information technology crimes. According to The Telegraph the “stiff punishment” is ordained for anyone using camera phones or similar equipment to “defame” others.

Twitter users expressed their opinion on the news using the hashtag #SaudiWomanCatchesHusbandCheating. Moza D said “Well, the man was molesting his maid. Guess Who gets punished?” while Yagyaseni posted “Serious WTF … But world won’t speak out against Saudis” while Emb Hashmi said “… & she will be punished where’s the #justice in that?”


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