Thieving Raccoon Uses Rock To Demand More Cat Food

Thieving Raccoon Uses Rock
A hungry raccoon uses a rock to knock on a glass door after emptying a cat food bowl. ZOOSIELOVESCONCERTS/YouTube video screenshot

WASHINGTON, Sept. 16 (UPI) — A homeowner captured video of a cat food-swiping raccoon alerting her to the empty bowl by using a rock to bang on a sliding glass door.

The video, uploaded to YouTube, features the raccoon using a rock to bang on the glass after finishing off the food the homeowner left out for her cat.

The uploader said the raccoon, dubbed Rocksy, lives in her yard and will regularly steal the cat food and bang on the glass door until the food is refilled.

“This silly raccoon has figured out that after she has raided the cat food bowl and it is empty… that she will just knock on the door… FOR HOURS…. until I refill it! It is hysterical! She is adorable and has lived in my yard for years… not sure how she figured out how to knock… but it certainly works!” the uploader wrote in the video’s description.

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