‘Trike Drifters’ Show Off Their Skills In Viral Video

Trike Drifters
GoPro/YouTube video screenshot

RICHMOND, Va., Sept. 10 (UPI) — A group of Virginia trike drifters created a video showing how they created their usual tricycles and how they perform tricks while speeding downhill.

The video, shared on the official GoPro YouTube channel, shows friends Evan Gray Adams, Jake Gilmer, Dylan Smith and Jake’s father, David Gilmer, discussing the process behind constructing a “drift trike” before showing footage of the drifters in action.

“These kids, my son in particular, come up with these idiotic ideas,” David Gilmer, who helped the friends construct their drift trikes, says in the video.

“Our favorite part was building and painting them. Each one of our trikes is different. Makes it so much more competitive when each person built their own trike,” Adams said in a post on Reddit.

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