VIDEO: Football Bounces Off Referee’s Head For Successful Extra Point

Robert E
A football strikes the referee's head before bouncing up for a successful extra point. Marshall Hughes/YouTube video screenshot

MIDLAND, Texas, Sept. 24 (UPI) — A Texas high school football team’s kicker attempted an extra point and the ball made it through the goal posts — after bouncing off a referee’s head.

Luis Aranda, kicker for Robert E. Lee High School in Midland, made the extra point attempt during the second quarter Friday after a touchdown against El Paso’s El Dorado High School.

A video posted to YouTube by Marshall Hughes shows the ball appear to be traveling far too low to the ground for a successful point, but the ball hits the head of a referee standing in front of the goal and bounces just high enough to go over the crossbar and make it between the posts.

The video shows the game’s referees appear to be momentarily baffled before declaring the kick good.

“Talk about special teams player of the week!” Hughes wrote in the video’s description.

Midland Lee ended up winning the game 35-16.



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