Polar Vortex Threatens to Produce Coldest NYC Valentine’s Day in a Century

Polar Vortex
Courtesy: UPI

WASHINGTON, Feb. 13, 2016 (Gephardt Daily) — A blast of Arctic air is making its way across the northeastern United States this weekend, bringing a severe wind chill that may lead to the coldest Valentine’s Day in New York City in a century.

The National Weather Service said the weather pattern will be “the coldest air mass of the season”. The polar vortex is set to create a wind chill below -30 degrees by Saturday night in areas between the Great Lakes and New England.

Wind chill advisories have also been issued in New York City and along the Appalachian mountains where single-digit highs and subzero lows are expected throughout the weekend.

A “code blue” warning has been issued in Philadelphia to ensure that people in need of shelter are brought inside and warming centers have been opened along the Interstate-95 corridor.

Snow squalls will affect states in the Midwest and Pennsylvania as poor visibility and winds in excess of 35 mph are expected near Pittsburgh.

AccuWeather reports a possible snowstorm to reach the Appalachians and New England on Monday that could disrupt travel and other daily activities in the region.

The effects of the storm could reach as far as Tennessee and Georgia potentially causing icy conditions and power outages due to a buildup of snow on power lines.

Temperatures are expected to go back to average numbers as early as Tuesday and remain there throughout February.


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